It Starts With 30–Yoga Time!

It’s no secret that we’re huge, HUGE Adriene Mischler fans. Her series, Yoga with Adriene, is our go-to recommendation when one of our friends or clean-eating compadres wants to start a home yoga practice. It’s also a GREAT way to deal with the general tired and crankiness you might feel during your first Whole30. Probably one of the most transformative ways to spend a month is to undertake Adriene’s 30 Days of Yoga challenge. Check out the Day One video above. You’ll thank us.

We’re starting our second go-round with Adriene’s 30-day challenge. Join us?

It Starts With 30 is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by The Whole30. It exists as a compendium of supporting information intended for informational purposes only.

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